Demanda is a market research institute that has conducted more than 6,300 market research projects and public opinion polls for more than 800 companies and government entities in Brazil and elsewhere in the world. Since it was established in 1967, it has built up more than five decades of experience through constant learning, focused tightly on customer satisfaction.

Demanda works with a small, highly experienced and well qualified team. As a boutique house, each of its clients is unique. Every project is tailor-made, exclusive and closely monitored at every stage, from planning through to the presentation of the findings. Our project managers and directors are well prepared to suggest the most appropriate methodologies, always working closely with the customer, stressing transparency and effective communications.

We are a market research service boutique offering:

  • High quality research projects for customers who seek and appreciate the best
  • Personalized services
  • Creative methodological solutions
  • The skills needed to understand the problem, draw up the right questions and present findings that streamline decisions
  • Tight control over every stage of the research process
  • A client-based approach to our work
  • Access to the cutting-edge techniques and solutions

Through this approach, Demanda ensures the highest quality standards, constantly exploring innovative techniques and methodologies, in addition to latest generation equipment, offering the most modern facilities on the market.