Constantly seeking innovative solutions to the issues presented by our clients, through either integrated planning or meticulous data collection, processing and analysis, presenting the findings with recommendations, Demanda builds up an in-depth understanding of client requirements, moving beyond practices that are commonplace on the market:

  • Stringent compliance with the specifications approved for the project;
  • Assured availability of personnel, facilities and equipment required by the technical specifications of the project;
  • Full confidentiality for the name of the client, the details of each project and their findings;
  • Use of experienced professionals at all stages of the survey.

By putting ourselves in the client’s shoes, we offer effective responses. Every project conducted by Demanda includes the following benefits, at no additional cost:

  • Direct contact with an experienced project director, available at every stage of the work.
  • Services in Portuguese, English or Spanish as required, establishing interfaces with the staff of client companies outside Brazil;
  • Easy access to technical documentation and new methodologies developed in other countries;
  • Briefing, planning and monitoring meetings at locations selected by the clients;
  • Budget-friendly prices for professional pre-testing of questionnaires and the resulting suggestions for improvements;
  • Availability to collect local information on the brands of products available for sale, as well as prices and statistical data as required to ensure more effective planning of client projects, questionnaires and reports;
  • Regular project progress reports;
  • Local hospitality support for visitors to Brazil, with advice on accommodation, transportation, safety and local culture;
  • No-charge assistance for up to twelve months after the end of the study in order to clear up any doubts and respond to queries from the clients;
  • Non-intrusive relationships with people in client organizations and their suppliers (agencies, other service providers), following pre-defined communication chains;
  • Strong relationships of trust with other research firms in many countries all over the world in order to coordinate simultaneous surveys from Brazil.