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"SEGMENTATION THROUGH COLORS - A BRAZILIAN EXPERIENCE" ESOMAR Latin-American Conference - Rio de Janeiro Silvio Pires de Paula, October 25 – 27, 2006

Through an exploratory approach, this study addresses the use of a Personality Traits Segmentation system for understanding difference in behavior among Brazilians when acquiring private pension plans. This type of market segmentation is one of the approaches used by psychographic segmentation, based on the assumption of the perception that many types of purchasing and consumption behavior cannot be explained merely by differences in gender, income, age, marital status and other demographic variables among consumers.

Considering the theoretical framework of publications on non-demographic segmentation, which began with Hippocrates in 560 B.C. we offer a historical overview of these developments through to the option offered by the True Colors, proposed in the USA by Don Lowry in 1978.

Commissioned to conduct a broad-ranging year-long research program involving focus groups, as well as personal and telephone interviews on private pension funds nationwide in Brazil, Demanda created and applied and applied its own segmentation tool, whose findings indicate useful paths for communication, including product launch strategies, sales force training and any other purposes for a broad range of economic sectors.

It is known that the use of psychographic segmentation in Brazil is still minor, compared to the USA and Europe. This is because the largest consumer studies begin and are planned in the USA and Europe, with few Brazilian publications on this matter so far. Along these lines, this paper should serve as a stimulus for conducting other studies, as it paves the way for exploration in greater depth of this topic, which is so complex and also so important.