BDRC Continental " I had a great time in Brazil and the project went well. My client was pleased with the interviewing and the recruitment so a big thank you to your team. Moderator was fantastic who was very professional and was great at probing the respondents for answers, even the more difficult ones. She was also very flexible and accommodating for all of our demands. Overall I was very pleased to be working on this project and would be very interested to work with her and your team again should we have any more upcoming research in Brazil."

Epson (1) "This is just a quick note to thank everyone for their support and hospitality. Our projects were successful."

Epson(2) "Demanda would be responsible for (…)and all the other wonderful services you provide with superb quality."

Ideas to Go "We thoroughly enjoyed working with your team, and were very happy with everything. Our clients are very happy, too. Everything worked out great."

Insync Strategy "Thank you so much for your attention to detail and such a great experience in working with you! Hope to be in Brazil again soon!!!"

Nomacorc "Thanks to ALL of you who made this possible and flawless !!! Great work !!!! Demanda's work and professionalism was exceptional, so trust we will work again when right occasion arises."

Procter & Gamble "Good work deserve praise. The moderator was very proactive in asking/probing on key questions. Everyone on the team liked how she engaged consumers and stayed focused on key business questions. The report below is very good as well and I really liked that she clearly presented recommendations."

Penn, Schoen, Berland "I just wanted to express my satisfaction with Demanda in Brazil. Their recruit was probably the best I have ever seen. …they found people who were very open, outspoken (almost too outspoken) and interested in the issue. They also went above and beyond in a several other respects .(…) We ran out of time to do the messaging exercise in one of the groups and they called back all the participants the next morning and had them complete the exercise by phone. They then delivered the results to my hotel. Silvio had the simultaneous translator, ride with me in the cab to hotel – I think because he was concerned about the language barrier and potentially safety issues – but it was very comforting to have her do the talking. (…). It was a truly exceptional experience and I wanted to share my satisfaction and recommendation with you. Please express my deepest gratitude to them for making the groups and my personal experience in Sao Paulo so rich and memorable."

Spiegel Institut "wow, now I am impressed. The report looks very good. Many thanks for the timely delivery. "

The Research Partnership “ I would just like to thank you for your work on this study. We have debriefed internally and would like to say we found working with you very efficient, effective and productive. The level of communication provided was good, you grasped the project objectives well and we were pleased will the quality of data provided. The deadlines of this study were met, with all deliverables being clearly labeled and uploaded in a timely manner. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Mostrategy “Thank you so much for your wonderful reply to our questions. We appreciate your insights tremendously. This project has been extremely interesting--comparing the various countries where we're working. We'll definitely contact you if we have more Harley work!”

Segment “You are actually a dream partner for me as well as we share the same methods: attention to detail, commitment to quality, and solution-driven orientation. This is very rare, I find. Plus you are very pleasant company! And yes we will get better together as we work together more closely and frequently in the future. Looking forward to our next project soon.”

Rosetta Stone “Thank you for this comprehensive report! Overall I think that the project was a success and we thank you for the efforts of you and your team!”

Kohler “The research is going well, and we (Kohler) were pleased with recruiting for this project on the interviews this week and look forward to working with Gabriela and her team on the rest of the project. Everyone on the project has been very professional and I have been personally impressed by the high quality of work done so far on this project. Also, I appreciated the time Natalia took to show Laura and I the apartments on Thursday. It was a nice complement to our store visits and the interviews and I appreciate Demanda arranging that for us.”