Nuvista Strategies “Demanda has been an outstanding partner for us and has never failed to deliver excellent results on time, every time. We rely on them to be our eyes and ears in Brazil and they always go “above and beyond” when providing us with our results as well as an in-country perspective on findings. We have trusted them to care for our clients in person and the client was extremely pleased with Demanda’s work. We look forward to working with them again and again”

SIS International “For the Brazil report, again, very good job. I find it interesting how many of your conclusions mirror my own.”

Ceallaigh Associates “Thank you, and the team, once again for your hard work and understanding during the project. I am sure that we have the opportunity to work together in the future”

IRM - JAPAN “Thank you for your revised summary report, which we found much improved. I enjoyed working with in this project and I hope we can have another chance in the near future.”

ICE - Instituto Italiano para o Comércio Exterior “Ao ver coroada de pleno êxito a Missão Empresarial Itália-Brasil, cuja Sessão Técnica de Máquinas e Equipamentos contou com sua brilhante participação, queremos externar nossos maiores agradecimentos pela inestimável contribuição representada pela palestra proferida na ocasião.”

sanofi-aventis “Mais uma vez, reforço que gostei muito da pesquisa. Ela será muito útil na preparação do nosso programa.”

EVO Research “I just wanted to say thank you very much for a successful project last week. The recruitment was excellent and I have got the results that I need to be able to write my report! Thank you also for your very kind hostessing.”

C2 Consumer Research “Well done! I’m always amazed and impressed by your research team.”

Lamberts Consulting “ I also wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on this project – it was not easy, and we greatly appreciate all you did to get so many respondents! The client was very impressed with how many respondents we had, as well as by your moderation. They also appreciated the facility, and Maria Alice’s great cooking and hospitality. We look forward to our next opportunity in Brazil, and the chance to work with you again!”

SulAmérica Seguros “Gostaríamos de agradecer o empenho de vocês para conclusão da pesquisa com as congêneres. Extraímos informações valiosas para a conclusão do nosso projeto.”

ADRIANT “You are a great partner in Brazil and I truly would like to thank all your team for your effort.”

A+A Healthcare Marketing Research “It’s been a pleasure working with you on this (difficult) project. Many thanks to you and your team.”

MW Research “The results were very interesting and comprehensible, and very useful for our client. Thanks to you and your colleagues for the pleasant cooperation and the good quality of fieldwork. Looking forward to working with you again in the future, with best regards.”

Osasco Plaza Shopping “Desejamos destacar o bom atendimento da equipe dirigida pelo Prof. Silvio Pires de Paula, o planejamento correto, a confiança derivada da transparência na condução de todas as etapas da pesquisa, e a forma clara e agradável de apresentação de relatórios, o que facilita as nossas decisões.”

IMS-Cambridge “I have been very pleased with the results - you were able to pull out all the necessary information we needed. In fact, I have told my colleague how pleased I have been and recommended that she uses DEMANDA for her current project. I have already forwarded her your contact information. Hopefully I will have a chance to work with you in the future. ”